Art Coolture is a promoting artists Website that comes from the illusion of two art world professionals, cultural managers and new technology knowers. The project is shaped in the summer of 2012 in order to create alternatives for the exhibition of all kinds of artistic expressions, and also the comercialitation of them. The basis of our Website are to support creators in the projection and the internationalization of their careers and their work.


We focus on emerging artists and the power of illusion and constancy. Even do we are aware of the current context and the difficulties this implies we love challenges, and we think that Art is a key pillar of society, therefore, we want that everyone has acces to it avoiding convencional circuits that are mostly closed and elitist.


Art Coolture is based on three concepts


  • Every artist has the right to exhibit and market their work supported by adequate tools to enhance their promotion
  • Everyone has the right to acquire a quality artwork at an affordable price
  • The career of an artist is not only based on talent, they also need to promote and move their work, and we can help them with this!


If you want to join our team of artists and exhibit your work, send us an email and we will replay sending you all the necessary information and the conditions of participation.